16 December 2015

Farewell to our Wolfreton Cluster School Sport Coordinator

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We had our final meeting of the year with our Partnership School Sport Co-Ordinators on Tuesday 15 December.  Your SSCO's are vital to the success of the Partnership and we are grateful to them for their hard work facilitating participation in sport throughout the East Riding. 

Yesterday, we had to say farewell to our Wolfreton Cluster SSCO, Gudrun Bramham (known as Goody).  Goody has been with the Partnership since its establishment in 2005 and was our last remaining original member of the Partnership team. Goody has made a huge contribution to the work of the Partnership and will be sorely missed. 

On our return to school in January our Wolfreton Cluster Schools can contact Kev Marshall who will be taking over Goody's role as SSCO.  Kev is a PE Teacher at Wolfreton School who has already done some work with the cluster Primary Schools.  

We wish Goody the very best of luck in her new post at Beverley High School and look forward to welcoming Kev to the team.