25 May 2016

Year 9 Sports Leaders

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Abi Woolass, a student at Goole Academy recently wrote an article about the benefits of being a Sports Leader.  We hope that by reading about Abi's experience that this will encourage other students to consider this as an opportunity for themselves. 

Here's what Abi had to say:-

Sports Leaders are a group of students who may have an outstanding ability in sport and be enthusiastic or motivational.  It is a course which gives students the opportunity to teach and motivate other students.  It is a fantastic experience and can lead to even more amazing opportunities.  

Currently, Goole Academy's Sports Leaders are running a Change4Life club at a local primary school.  Their aim is to get children's lifestyles to change for the better by doing physical and written activities.  These tasks are based on living a healthy lifestyle.  This includes teaching them how to play tennis or just a simple game of dodgeball.  The children making new friends is another aim for the girls, as they feel a friend is always a good motivator.  In a few weeks' time, the leaders have organised for a juice bike to come to the local school to give the children a chance to make their own delicious smoothies!  This will show the children that healthy food can taste just as good as junk foods. 

As well as helping the children, the Sports Leaders feel like it has helped them too.  Through having this experience, the Leaders have learnt a lot and have realised that running your own club is not so easy.  Many of them would like a career in sports as PE Teachers and Athletes so being a Sports Leader has given them an idea of what it would be like. 

Thank-you Abi for your hard work and commitment to sport and healthy lifestyles.  We hope that this inspires other students to consider becoming Sports Leaders.