Easy to organise, play & adapt

Tagtiv8 games are engaging and educational, easy to organise and play. Session plans and activity cards are created by learners for learners so they are easy to follow and adapt. Most of our games have direct links to the National Curriculum. Our PAL games have physical & cognitive elements, providing opportunities for the participants to have fun and enjoy learning in an active way.

Evidence Based

Research by Leeds Beckett University demonstrates that our Physically Active Learning (PAL) approaches tackle inactivity & obesity levels, as well as impact positively on academic performance. NESTA awarded our Active Mathematics programme Level 5.

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Primary PE Sports Premium

Tagtiv8’s Physically Active Learning (PAL) approaches offer innovative solutions to the threats of inactivity and obesity. Teachers trust our pedagogy and children love our games. Our training and support packages for teachers have a lasting impact – a truly effective use of the Primary PE Sports Premium. A great way to implement your 30/30!

Active community

We really enjoy it when teachers and learners come up with their own games and ideas – with rules, scoring systems and strategies. These games are shared with the Tagtiv8 community around the world.

Educational Benefits

Learn key maths concepts

Working with specialist Mathematics teachers, Tagtiv8 Number allows the learners to play various active games in order to develop fluency, reasoning and problem-solving.

Phonics and spelling

Tagtiv8 Word is far more than ‘an active version of a world famous word game that uses tiles’. Players collaborate or compete as individuals, pairs or small groups/teams in various active games that develop an understanding of phonics, spelling and more.


Studies show that children who are physically fit are better at absorbing and retaining new information. Our games not only provide an enjoyable alternative to classroom based learning, but promote physical activity – crucial when we all face the increasing problem of sedentary lifestyles.

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Tagtiv8 games are easy to organise, deliver and play. Games can be played:

  • Co-operatively with players collaborating;
  • Competitively as individuals, pairs or small groups/teams;
  • Whole class;
  • Intervention groups;
  • After school clubs/activities;
  • Lunchtime and playground animation;
  • Wake up – Shake up

Problem solving

Some of the Tagtiv8 games can be used as ‘Warm Up’ or ‘Cool Down’ activities. They can be used on their own or linked together in different combinations. Other games are longer and often incorporate creativity, problem-solving and strategy, some of which involve scoring systems.

Creativity & Collaboration

We provide an array of games and their associated rules, but you can decide how complicated the questions and challenges can be. What’s more, we reward teachers and learners for coming up with their own games and ideas, so you can really be creative with Tagtiv8! These games are shared with the Tagtiv8 community around the world.

Schools using Tagtiv8

Our pedagogy is trusted by teachers & loved by children.
Currently working, playing & learning with over 50,000 children & teachers in the UK & abroad.

Lanchester Primary
Long Sutton Primary
Greengates Primary
Queensway Primary
Yeadon Westfield Primary
Lanchester Primary
Long Sutton Primary
Greengates Primary
Queensway Primary
Yeadon Westfield Primary