About TAKE10

TAKE10 is a classroom-based physical activity program, developed by the ILSI Research Foundation with the assistance of health professionals and education experts, combining academic instruction with 10 minutes physical activity breaks to get kids moving without sacrificing time dedicated to academic learning.

TAKE10 was designed by teachers for teachers to ensure it is fit for purpose, i.e., the intervention must “fit” within the existing school system and must be responsive and adaptable to teachers’ priorities, such as time and academic performance.

TAKE10 engages students in movement while reinforcing specific academic objectives in math, reading, language arts, science, social studies, and nutrition and health. The program uses grade-specific learning objectives so teachers can incorporate activities that align with the daily lesson.

The TAKE10 teacher manual provides the framework for integrating physical activity in the classroom. As teachers become more comfortable with the concepts, they can start to develop their own activities or even allow their students the opportunity to lead the class.